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Priya Patel

I am the HR manager of a start-up company. We emphasise on verbatoria tests while hiring and this has not only helped us know our employees better but has also increased productivity. It is a great tool. -- Priya Patel (Professional)

Ritik Rao

Being an athlete myself, I always wanted my son to excel in a sport of his choice. Post the verbatoria test I realised that he was far better in academics and with numbers when compared to physical activities and sports. -- Ritik Rao (Parent)

Raman Gandhi

The assessment was a real surprise for me. It was always difficult for me, working at my sales job. Thank you for helping me find the job area that I was born to excel. Recommending to my friends as well. Very Useful. -- Aakash Kapoor (Professor)

Anjali Joshi

The tests really helped me know my child’s potentials better thus encouraging her in the field that suited the best for her. She is excelling in it, and I thank verbatoria for the direction that it has given us. -- Anjali Joshi (Parent)

Mahima Surana

The assessment was extremely useful for me to know more about my son and understand how to help him in term of his academics and what activities and hobbies to expose him to, that is beneficial for him in his growing years. -- Geeta Bhargava (Homemaker)

Arjun Shah

I work in the HR department, and verbatoria tool has really helped us while recruiting new employees. It helps us know their true potential and which department they will be suited the best. -- Arjun Shah (Professional)