Special Offer Price: Rs 3500          

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently serving only kids above 10 years             

Special Offer Price: Rs 3500          

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently serving only kids above 10 years

What Do We do?

Verbatoria carries out neuro-testing that allow kids / teenagers / adults to determine their talents and true brain potentials that each individual is gifted with. 

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How Does It help?

Testing helps in multiple ways, starting from the fact that it makes you aware of your capabilities, and can work towards enhancing them even more.

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How It’s Done?

There are various testing that are available, carried out by age groups from 4 years to adults, which are carefully customized to get the most accurate report.

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Promotional Price INR 3,500

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Harmonious Development
4-7 years
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8-10 years
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Choice of Direction Mathematician? Humanitarian?
11-14 years
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Promotional Price INR 3,500

Talent Quotient

  More than 85 percent of parents are incorrect in determining the abilities of their children.
  Based on neuro-feedback, we can accurately determine the Talent Quotient of your child in mathematics, music, languages, sports and creativity.Moreover, you will also obtain a score of the type of thinking of your child, analytical or figurative, in order to know the appropriate approach to learning for your little one.

Choosing A Class

 Which primary school is the best fit your kid's talents?
 Future success greatly depends on choosing the school and class correctly. How to predict your kid's talent in each class?Matching Talent Quotient (TQ) compared to every school class requirements, we provide a visual hint for you on the kid’s green and red zones.

Networking and Friendship

 Does your kid actually need a kindergarten? What should be the group size which helps your kid to learn his very first networking skills?
 We evaluate the potential of your child in self-awareness and understanding skills and recommend a group activity like sports and what role your kid is comfortable in, in the team.

Attention by Talent Edges

 Absent-mindedness and restlessness are the result of the peculiarities of memory work.
 Every child needs & individual approach to workload scheduling. We measure attention and memory for each area of talent and show the best way for optimum results.

My mission

 Stop living the life which brings you nothing but exhaustion and despair. Starting all over is not a crazy thing to do.
  Basing on your neuro-feedback results, we will accurately identify your natural talent and suggest you the endeavors in which you can succeed with contentment.

Hobby (opt.)

 How to have a happier work life balance? Have a hobby.
 Hobby is what brings you pleasure as it is based on your natural potential. We provide you with 7 best suited hobbies for your brain so you can share more joy with your loved ones.

Leadership and emotional intelligence

 Leader or executor? Mentor or manager? Individual or team player? What role do you play in the team and what situations should you avoid?
 We evaluate talent to understand people emotions to organize and manipulate them and recommend a comfortable role in the team.

My key skills

 Your success is based more on your innate skills than your experience.
 What skills should you develop to become a better version of yourself? We measure 11 key skills of yours like creativity, time management, stress-resistance, etc.

Concentration and Memory

 Are you getting tired fast? Experiencing a lack of attention? This a result of how your memory and body works.
 We measure your memory values against each talent edge using US patented technology.

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About Verbatoria India

Verbatoria is a neuro-brain assessment technology which evaluates the inherent abilities of an individual and reports on their strong & weak areas to make them realise their true talent potential. This helps in making better future decisions for further education or career choices. Our process takes into consideration, various intelligence areas like math, creativity, languages, sport, music, empathy, and leadership potential. Verbatoria has been successfully operating since 2014 and is spread across over 50 countries.






Hear what our parents have to say

It is normal when you are a child and studying, but it's important to work on them and know what you want to do in future. With the growing career options, it makes it even more tough for the child. Verbatoria India helps the children know their passion, talents and skills and put them in line with the career options available. The testing helps them clear their confusion and help them focus on their true goal.

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Naitik Verma Athlete

The assessment was extremely useful for me to know more about my son and understand how to help him in term of his academics and what activities and hobbies to expose him to, that is beneficial for him in his growing years.

Geeta Bhargava Homemaker

The assessment was a real surprise for me. It was always difficult for me, working at my sales job. Thank you for helping me find the job area that I was born to excel. Recommending to my friends as well. Very Useful.

Aakash Kapoor Professor