For Psychologist

  • Aids psychologists in better diagnosis and assessment of the client and their needs and provides a unique service that is beneficial for their clients.
  1.  Buy equipment and go through a 3-day full time training for certification
  2.  Get up to 3 staff personnel trained and certified within the franchise price
  3.  Carry out 30-minute neuro testing for kids, school students and adults
  4.  Get regular and professional development training free of charge

For Entrepreneur

  • Provides entrepreneurs with a business that enables them to give back to the society and a unique service set to revolutionize the technological world.
  1.  Benefit from a growing market with a unique service offer in your city
  2.  Get up to 3 staff personnel trained and certified to carry out the test
  3.  Get a specialized landing page for your city on our website
  4.  Get regular training & support participation in exhibitions & conferences

Why Verbatoria Franchise?

First of its kind in India
Scientifically Proven
& Patented Technology
Highly Scalable

Why Choose Us

4-5 Months ROI
360-degree Training Support
Unique Business Opportunity
High-Demand Business
I am the HR manager of a start-up company. We emphasise on verbatoria tests while hiring and this has not only helped us know our employees better but has also increased productivity. It is a great tool.

- Priya Patel (Professional)

Being an athlete myself, I always wanted my son to excel in a sport of his choice. Post the verbatoria test I realised that he was far better in academics and with numbers when compared to physical activities and sports.

- Ritik Rao (Parent)

I was extremely confused about the field I should get in, post my 12th examination. Taking the verbatoria test, it not only help me select the field for my graduation but also guided me in selecting the right colleges.

- Raman Gandhi (Student)

The tests really helped me know my child’s potentials better thus encouraging her in the field that suited the best for her. She is excelling in it, and I thank verbatoria for the direction that it has given us.

- Anjali Joshi (Parent)

Since childhood, I was forced to choose science subjects which were never of my interests. Giving the test helped me and my parents realise that, arts was the subject best suited for me and also help me understand and know all the future scopes of this field.

- Mahima Surana (student)

I work in the HR department, and verbatoria tool has really helped us while recruiting new employees. It helps us know their true potential and which department they will be suited the best.

- Arjun Shah (Professional)