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What You Need To Know About Verbatoria

Verbatoria conducts neural assessment using neurofeedback technology which evaluates inborn abilities of a human concerning math, music, creativity, languages, sports, self-esteem and empathy. It is based on measuring brain activity during simple interactive assessment using wearable Brain-Computer Interface (pBCI).

The company has been operating since 2014 and India’s first set up is located in Hyderabad. The assessments will be conducted by our skilled and certified neurometrists. They carry out unique neuro-feedback testing for children, teenagers and adults on seven talent edges (TQ) defined in multiple intelligence theory by Howard Gardner.

Testing is held by age groups that guarantee an individual approach to the assessment and not comparing with the norms as in traditional methods. Know More


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What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike existing talent tests that are available in the market, our tests do not focus on reading and writing rather we rely on the brain responses. In addition, the measurement is not simply based on answering questions correctly and achieving a high numeric score.

We measure the thinking process of the brain using a patented automatic algorithm. Our measurement focuses on the natural ability of an individual in different areas and will be able to highlight strengths and weaknesses on individuals which will allow for greater development and guidance on teaching, individual development platforms.

What Makes Us Unique?

With Neurometria, it is possible to determine as precisely as possible those directions of the child education that will be most effective for him and will help him to reveal all his abilities to the full extent.

Neurometria method includes a compact sensor – neurointerface (BCI). Microprocessor of the sensor (chipset) is developed in the Silicon Valley, by the Company NeuroSky.com. The company is a patent holder for the technology of creating portable sensors and is used in various device form factors. Whereas, the sensor used in neuro screening is manufactured by Macroellect.


Our Mission Vision

Our mission is to help parents, educational institutions and human resource managers to fully recognize the potential of their charge or employee. Through our specialized talent quotient method, we wish to see the children or employees do what they were born for.

Verbatoria is dedicated to furthering the understanding of how a person’s physical brain influences their education and career path.



Hear what our students have to say

It is normal when you are a child and studying, but it's important to work on them and know what you want to do in future. With the growing career options, it makes it even more tough for the child. Verbatoria India helps the children know their passion, talents and skills and put them in line with the career options available. The testing helps them clear their confusion and help them focus on their true goal.

Naitik Verma Athlete

Being an athlete myself, I always wanted my son to excel in a sport of his choice. Post the verbatoria test I realised that he was far better in academics and with numbers when compared to physical activities and sports.

Geeta Bhargava Homemaker

The assessment was extremely useful for me to know more about my son and understand how to help him in term of his academics and what activities and hobbies to expose him to, that is beneficial for him in his growing years.

Aakash Kapoor Professor

The assessment was a real surprise for me. It was always difficult for me, working at my sales job. Thank you for helping me find the job area that I was born to excel. Recommending to my friends as well. Very Useful.